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The Chemtou Marble

Chemtou Marble is extracted from the Chemtou Mountain. The characteristics of Chemtou Marble are quite specific. Chemtou Marble is formed by dolomites and limestone from metamorphic Jurassic finely recrystallized, yellow and pink shades. Today, Chemtou Marble  can be considered a unique  type among marble stones for it ceased to be  extracted from  the  Ichkeul Mountain since the area became a protected national park.

Using Chemtou Marble

Chemtou Marble is a marble with good resistance properties allowing optimal use in the manufacture of external coating slabs. Chemtou Marble is also used   both in building and decoration.

Geotechnical characteristics of Chemtou Marble

Referring to the German DIN standards, the geotechnical characteristics of Chemtou Marble are:

  • S. g / cm³: From 2.67 to 2.69
  • Absorption: <0.5%
  • C. kg / cm²: From 800 to 1400
  • U: Good (DIN)
  • I: Good (DIN)

Source: ONM, 2000

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