marble black aziza

The Black Marble Aziza

Black Marble Aziza is a marble in a black color with different shades from Jebel Aziza including three different types all dating from the Jurassic era :

  • Black Marble Aziza, in dark black shade
  • Grey Marble Aziza, in grey to blue-grey shade.
  • Brown Marble Aziza, in brown shade.

Geotechnical characteristics of Black Marble Aziza

Referring to the German DIN standards, the geotechnical characteristics of Black Marble Aziza are:

  • Absorption: Low: <0.4%
  • Specific weight 2,65 / 2,85 g / cm³
  • Good compressive strength: 1390 kg / cm³
  • Wear resistance: Normal
  • Weather resistance: Good

Which use for Black Marble Aziza?

Because it is a material of premium choice and great nobility, Black marble Aziza offers tremendous opportunities for different types of coating for professional use as well as private use. Black marble Aziza’s beauty adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any decorations for maximum effect.

Black Marble Aziza is available in many finishes, colors and patterns and is widely used for flooring whether single, inlaid, juxtaposed or combined with geometric patterns as well as for walls, countertops, sinks, tables, balustrades, stairs, facades, terraces…

Black Marble Aziza, with S.O.M.E.M

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