marble beige thala

The Beige Marble Thala

Beige marble Thala is a fine limestone marble from the sublithographic. Beige marble Thala is located within large synclinal in the  limestone heart of the Middle and Upper Eocene age and whose parts consist mainly of the Abiod formation with only one member of limestone 30 to 40 m thick.

Which use for the Beige Marble Thala?

Beige Marble Thala is generally used for different types of coating and decoration. From a commercial point of view, there are different names of Beige Marble Thala :

  • Thala Royal Golden Beige
  • Imperial Thala White
  • Grey marble Thala
  • Thala Marble Light Beige which contains cracks filled with calcite.

Geotechnical characteristics of the Beige Marble Thala

Referring to the German DIN standards, the geotechnical characteristics of the Beige marble Thala are:

  • PSEN g / cc: 2.67
  • Porosity 4 to 4.5%
  • RC in kg / cm ²: De 420-1100
  • UK: MDE = 21 to 23 plus poor (DIN)

Source: ONM, 2000

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