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Company  « SOMEM »

SOMEM  specialized in the transfomation of marble, marble stones , and granite.

With over 20 years of experience, SOMEM is among the leading companies  in the transformation of marbles and in supplying local and international markets.


All the different stages of transformation of marbles  are accomplished by a qualified team.

Our fundamental  values like  professionalism, good quality, and credibility have granted us a leading position among our competitors.

At SOMEM, we use advanced machines and a highly qualified workforce, which leads to perfect outcomes.

SOMEM Best Values

SOMEM values are our best assets and position SOMEM today as leaders in the transformation of Mediterranean Marble:

  • A customized product to perfectly match your expectations.
  • A marble storage capacity which can respond immediately to your request
  • Professionalism, quality, credibility, and seriousness.
  • Highly-sophisticated machinery and skilled labor.

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