SOMEM Marble, more than 20 years of know-how and expertise

SOMEM  specialized in marble processing, granite and marble stones.

We carry sawing blocks, machining operations and execute the finished works and works of art. With over 20 years experience of marble stone industry within the local market and the international market, our teams are at ready to bring satisfaction to your specific needs.

Today, we are proud to position ourselves among the leaders in the transformation of marble and major players in the marble stone industry. Our motto is to offer the best quality of Mediterranean marble, thanks to the use of high-precision and highly sophisticated machinery in order to provide an appropriate response to your expectations.

With our huge storage capacity, we guarantee immediate availability to meet large orders while ensuring competitive prices and deadlines, offering the best of both worlds: security and unmatched aesthetics.

SOMEM offers the high quality marble with a large choice in color and finish. Through its various machines which bring added value to the marble, SOMEM is able to offer premium quality and perfect finish. We are proud to use high-performance, ultra sophisticated machines.

SOMEM Marble, The marble to Embellish your Buildings


SOMEM offers different types of marble of different colours and varieties with different geotechnical characteristics. Here are our main products:tunisia-marble

  • Aziza Type: a Black marble stone from the lower Jurassic age, dark grey, natural limestone organogenesis.
  • THALA Type: a fine marble limestone nature sublithographic, in several color varieties such as the Royal Thala Beige to Golden Yellow and Beige to White Imperial Thala.
  • KADHEL Type: a marble stone of Cenomanian age, of light grey color and recrystallized calcareous origin with a reef.


SOMEM, your partner!

somem tunisia marble

  • A team of competent and dedicated professionals to perfectly match your expectations.
  • A marble storage capacity that can immediately respond to your request.
  • Cutting-edge machines and highly qualified team.
  • Over 20 years of experience in the processing of marble in the local market and in the international market to give you satisfaction.
  • Assistance on the whole process of production and processing of marble.
  • A skilled workforce.
  • Highly sophisticated machinery for a perfect finish.
  • Immediate availability of marble for large orders through our storage capacity.
  • Transport guarantee of all your orders.
  • Careful and customized packaging to meet your requirements.

SOMEM And Showroom

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Our Products




tunisia granite


works of art marble

Type Marble

High quality marble, take a look at the different type of marble : Black Aziza, Beige ImperialPink Kadhel, Grey KadhelGattounaThala Cheverny, Grey Impérial

Beige Imperial

imperial beige marble

Imperial Beige Marble Thala is very light beige marble. Imperial Beige Marble Thala is a marble stone extracted from the region of Thala

Black Aziza

black marble aziza

Black Marble Aziza is a marble in a black color with different shades from Jebel Aziza including three different types all dating from the Jurassic era

Beige Thala

beige marble thala

Beige Marble Thala is a fine limestone marble from the sublithographic. Beige Marble Thala is located within large synclinal in the  limestone heart of the Middle

Rose Kadhel

pink marble kadhel

Rose marble Kadhel is a marble of pink color from the mountains of Jebel Kadhel. Rose marble Kadhel is a type of marble is made of fossil limestone to reef aspect of Cenomanian age.

Grey Kadhel

grey marble kadhel

Grey Marble Kadhel is a marble that is extracted from the massive Jebel Kadhel. Marble Kadhel either grey or pink consists of fossil limestone, to reef aspect of Cenomanian age.

Grey Foussana

grey marble foussana

Grey Marble Foussana is a marble limestone extracted from the mountain of Foussana, in the region of Kasserine. Grey Marble Foussana is very homogeneous and precisely dark grey

Grey Thala

grey marble thala

Grey marble Thala is a marble from the region of Thala. Grey marble Thala allows different treatments and finishes: it can be polished, flamed, brushed

Grey Imperial

imperial grey marble thala

Imperial Grey marble is a marble which allows both indoor and outdoor use. Imperial Grey Marble is highly resistant and therefore offers a multitude of possibilities for finishing.

Thala Cheverny

cheverny marble

Cheverny Marble is extracted in the Thala region. Cheverny Marble is a marble stone with a beige mottled red brick, which can be used inside or outside but also in wet areas


gattouna marble

Gattouna Marble is a marble extracted from the mountain Gattouna in the region of Fondouk Jedid. Gattouna Marble is a limestone deposit which is formed by 50 million years


chemtou marble

Chemtou Marble is extracted from the Chemtou Mountain. The characteristics of Chemtou Marble are quite specific. Chemtou Marble is formed by dolomites