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The Cheverny Marble

Cheverny Marble is extracted in the Thala region.  Cheverny Marble is a marble stone with a beige mottled red brick, which can be used inside or outside but also in wet areas: flooring, wall coverings, kitchens, bathrooms, facades, stairs…

Geotechnical characteristics of Cheverny Marble

  • Density: Kg / m3
  • Compressive Strength: Kg / cm²
  • Flexion: Kg / cm²
  • Abrasion: mm
  • Absorption: 1.61%

Cheverny Marble with S.O.M.E.M

cheverny marbleTo satisfy your marble needs of Cheverny Marble, our high precision machines guarantee a perfect finish and our skilled workforce provides the desired result at the best price.

S.O.M.E.M provides both storage, which ensures continuity necessary for your large orders, as transport or packaging your marble orders of Cheverny marble.

Cheverny Marble Thala Good quality

For more information concerning our Thala Marble Cheverny please contact us.


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