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The Grey Marble Kadhel

Grey marble Kadhel is a marble that is extracted from the massive Jebel Kadhel. marble Kadhel either grey or pink consists of fossil limestone, to reef aspect of Cenomanian age.

The geotechnical characteristics of the Grey Marble Kadhel

Referring to the German DIN standards, the geotechnical characteristics of the grey marble Kadhel  are:

  • S. g / cm³: 2, 60
  • Absorption: 0.21%
  • C. kg / cm²: From 850 to 1,100
  • U: Good (DIN)
  • I: Good (DIN)

Source: ONM, 2000

 Grey Marble Kadhel with S.O.M.E.M

grey marble kadhelRich with over 20 years experience in marble processing, S.O.M.E.M offers its expertise to satisfy your needs of grey marble Kadhel. Our expertise extends beyond our borders and we export grey marble Kadhel to all countries.

We master perfectly the different stages of production and processing of grey Kadhel to perfectly meet your requirements. Our high precision machines and our qualified teams will make the difference!

With our storage capacity, we guarantee continuity in your large orders of marble tiles and marble plates.

Grey Marble Kadhel Good quality
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